Days 21-25:

Well, things were going brilliantly until I had another GI attack. I started feeling weird on Sunday when we went to the zoo. I thought it was because I took Dramamine in the car. But it never really got any better and the next morning I woke up to a very upset stomach and an unpleasant trip to the bathroom. I suffered through Monday and had a bit of a fever in the afternoon. So I decided to stay home on Tuesday. It only got worse from there. I finally broke down and decided that enough is enough. If I’m taking care of my body as well as I know how and this is still happening to me, something else is going on. I made an appointment with my doctor and she decided to refer me to the gastroenterologist to see if it might be IBS or Crohn’s disease. So today I set an appointment for a colonoscopy. Oh joy!

In general I did okay with Whole30 while I’ve been sick but when I couldn’t keep any food from going straight through me, I decided to break down and have some soup that was not compliant. I had not consumed anything for the entire day up to that point and decided that having a little bit of barley and some peas in my soup was just going to have to be ok. I’m not crazy about the concept especially since I was on day 24 when this happened and then I repeated the soup incident again today. But I had to do what was best for my body and I think in the spirit of Whole30 I did okay. I didn’t need anything super processed, I didn’t fall off the bandwagon and start eating my go to chicken and rice soup or pasta or rice. I only ate something that I really needed for nutritional purposes in a time of great need. I’m still planning on carrying out the rest of my Whole30 as planned. But in the end I think whole 30 is about treating your body right and going along those lines I did what I needed to do. I looked through all the other soups at the store and nothing was Whole30 compliant. At that point I was so exhausted and worn down I couldn’t have made soup for myself if I wanted to. I beat myself up about it for a little while but I just have to stop doing it. I’m still doing great and now that I’m able to get some food back in me I feel good again. I forgot to take this journey one step at a time and I guess it starts here…


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