Days 19/20:

It’s getting harder to write every day. I think it’s because things are just going so well. It’s getting easier and easier to eat right, cook every night, and work out on a regular basis. I just feel so good all the time and I’m always so productive at the end of the day I just don’t even have any time to write.

I was planning on taking yesterday off from working out. But when I got home from work Stephen wanted to go to the lake. He’s been kicking butt at mountain biking lately and my workouts have felt so good that I decided to join him and do a trail run. It was nice, I’m getting very strong and I feel great after my workouts. I was telling him yesterday that I just never have to make myself do them anymore, I want to. It’s a nice feeling and I’m really enjoying it. However, my body is sore and while I’m handling workouts well, my muscles are a little unhappy. I’m going to take today off from working out and clean the house, go grocery shopping, and do a little relaxing. I think it’s much needed after the week that I’ve had.

We are almost two-thirds of the way done with Whole30. I’m down a little over seven pounds and my clothes are starting to get quite noticeably looser. I have seemingly endless energy. Even when I’m tired and ready for bed I can feel the energy still in my muscles. I sleep like the dead. I close my eyes and seriously within 3 minutes I’m asleep. I’m pretty sure that I have not been moving at all during the night because I wake up and my back feels a little stiff. I got to sleep in today until 7:30 and it felt like I’d slept for 15 hours. 

I’m struggling a little bit with being productive this morning but the way I see it I’ve earned a little down time. I’ll still get my grocery shopping and my cleaning done. It’s nice to have a weekend just to myself. The coming month is going to be absolute Madness. I’m really glad that we did Whole30 in September because I feel like it’s really setting me up to make great decisions this fall. It tends to be a time that’s hard for me with bonfires, lots of drinking activities, and things that make me feel comfy and happy like apple cider and pumpkin spice what nots. But even before finishing Whole30 I feel ready to take on the season and make good choices.

I kind of wish my friends weren’t so obsessed with drinking. While I’ve been on Whole30 they have asked me several times when I can drink again. It sort of makes me feel like they think I’m no fun unless I’m drinking. But I don’t think that’s the case. Especially because lately I’ve had so much energy and I’ve been so happy I think I’m far more fun than when I’m hungover and sluggish from drinking. But, we’ll get there. I don’t plan on drinking a lot after I get off whole30 so they’re just going to have to get used to it.


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