Day 17/18:

Well, I’m going to count it as a success that I didn’t post yesterday. I had such an awesome day that I just never had time. 

I really felt like tiger blood was setting in. I was finally feeling better and my appetite was strong, but I had a great handle on things. I had boundless energy and was in an endlessly happy mood. I ran before yoga, which was maybe not the greatest idea because my legs were BURNING. But yoga was wonderful. I think I’m getting better every class. I just love it so much. And then to top it all off Stephen talked me into sticking by our meal plan instead of going out to eat. Again! That’s 3 times we have stuck it out and cooked at home. It was an absolute perfect ribeye, to boot. Good lord,my husband can grill some serious beef. Seriously, the joy I feel from that fact alone is enough to call this whole 30 a success. 

Today was just as good. I was a little tired from getting to bed late, but it just reminded me of the wonderful night I had with Stephen. I came right home from work and prepped dinner so I could put it straight in the oven after my 5:00 aqua zumba class. Aqua zumba was fun. Relaxed and light. I felt like I was working out but also resting my body at the same time. Plus a friend I rarely get to see goes and we have time to chat. 

Dinner was a little out of my comfort zone, but it turned out awesome. Here is the recipe

I baked it instead of grilling it. Delicious!


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