Day 16:

Today is supposed to be the start of tiger blood. Now, I understand that tiger blood is different for everyone. But I felt better earlier last week. I still think I might have a touch of a stomach bug or something and that’s totally bringing me down. I was so hungry today from not eating enough yesterday, but everything made me feel nauseous. It’s not really helping with cravings when I’m hungry but all of the food makes me feel yucky. 

I didn’t have time to yoga today, but I feel pretty awesome about the fact that I made dinner despite the fact that I just wanted to lay down. Maybe my form of tiger blood is the ability to get shit done, even when I really don’t want to. Any other time (not on whole 30) I would have told Stephen to order sandwiches or something. Today I just kept going until it was all done. Stephen seems to be in the same kind of mood. It’s nice to be getting things done. 

Dinner tonight was one of our favorites from the whole 30 cookbook, ratatouille. We modified it a bit (as we always do) but it’s pretty easy and delicious. 

On to day 17, hoping my stomach gets in line soon. 


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