Day 15:

Well I made it halfway. Only 15 more days to go. But really, I have a lot more than that. I really want this to be a lifestyle the majority of the time. So 15 days down the rest of my life to go. Of course I won’t be as strict as I am on Whole30, that just won’t be possible. But I do want to change the way I eat, the way I move, and my feelings about myself and my body.

I think I might have caught some sort of a bug this weekend. Either that or a few days of eating questionably pure food is coming back to bite me. I’ve had a tummy ache for a few days that just won’t go away. But I still managed to get to yoga today and it made me feel a ton better. I’m still really excited about it. I’m going to make it a goal to get there at least twice a week and to workout in some other way two other times a week.

Otherwise, not much else to report. Things are going nice and smoothly with Whole30 and I’m getting into the groove of cooking all the time, thinking ahead when I meal plan, and eating a whole lot less. My sugar cravings are almost completely gone which is wonderful. I’m just settling in for the long haul now.


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