Day 14:

Controlled myself like a boss yesterday, though I’m pretty certain I dreamt about food all night, and woke up ravenous this morning. Still in St Louis with friends so we headed out to breakfast. Generally speaking this isn’t the hardest meal for whole 30ers, but I’m allergic to eggs. It really throws a wrench in things. To complicate matters I occasionally crave eggs like nobody’s business. Today was one of those days. I got a skillet (without the cheese) of various breakfast meats, mushrooms, onions, and over easy eggs. Holy cow it was amazing. Now, here’s the thing about going out to eat on whole 30: you really have very limited control over your meal. You have to just make the wisest choices possible and be OK with the results. I’m sure the meats had some additives I didn’t want in my body. I imagine the oil they used wouldn’t be my choice. But, in the end, we’re still doing just fine with making drastically better food choices so I go with it. 

I can tell that I’ve had some less than pure foods the last two days because I have a headache this morning. It’s amazing how drastically those things start to affect your body. 

There are more struggles in store today. Our annual block party is this afternoon so I have to figure out a compliant dish to bring and pretty much stay away from everyone else’s food. 

As exhausting as it can be to have a weekend filled with challenges and temptation, it’s also reassuring and rewarding. I like how easy it’s getting to make good choices. Plus, I can fit both arms inside my pants while wearing them…so I know it’s working! 


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