Day 13:

It was a late night at the theater and I forgot to post, so I’ll catch up. 

Yesterday we headed to St Louis to visit friends and attend the first musical of our season tickets at the Fox theater. We packed veggies, guac, and chicken salad for the car ride. That went well. The hard part was yet to come. 

We met up with our friends at Oktoberfest. Tons and tons of food and good imported German beer. Poor Stephen was beside himself. Overall, I think we did really well. I got super excited when I found Brussels sprouts with pork belly. It turned out they were fried (but not breaded!), so not exactly compliant but I was still excited to find veggies. We also got sausage and sauerkraut. I’m sure we weren’t exactly compliant, but considering the circumstances I felt pretty damn good. We got back to their house and changed for the theater. I was concerned we would get hungry later and be without any good food options so we stopped at the gas station for cashews. 

Off to the fox theater we went. Holy cow, that place is incredible! We happily munched our cashews during intermission (glad we weren’t paying $6.50 for them) and we were able to make it without eating the rest of the night. 

So, it wasn’t a perfect day. I’m sure we broke a few rules. But for me it was further proof that I can make this lifestyle work. I can confidently go to something like this in the future knowing I’m capable of making good food choices while avoiding the carbs and sugar. Stephen was less than thrilled about missing out on the beer, but he made it. 

My pants are getting looser by the day and all my clothes are feeling and looking better again! I have so much energy and the term “hangry” is completely gone from my vocabulary. Almost to the halfway mark and already I’m seeing so much progress in every aspect of my life. 


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