Day 12:

Today was, without a doubt, a breakthrough day for me. I didn’t need to snooze this morning, I felt awesome and rested as soon as I woke up. I didn’t get hungry between meals. I didn’t have any cravings either. But here’s the kicker. I went with my coworkers to HAPPY HOUR after work today. I watched them drink, eat nachos and fried mushrooms, only drank water and unsweetened ice tea, and to top it off I had a BLAST. I didn’t feel resentful or tempted at all. It was glorious. 

On top of all that, I had a completely charmed day at work. I don’t know if it had to do with my brief yoga experience putting me in the right mindset or what, but everything went insanely well. I felt like a million bucks all day today. 

Stephen and I hurdled another obstacle tonight, as well, when we figured out a dinner that tempted us more than going out to eat. We were going to get fajitas with no tortillas at a restaurant, but instead we decided on cast iron burgers with guac and bacon, asparagus, and oven fries finished in ghee in the cast iron. Holy cow, way better than anything we could have gotten in a restaurant! I’m so proud of us. 

Tomorrow we head to St Louis to visit some very good friends that recently moved as well as attend our first musical at the fox theater. Stephen got me season tickets for my birthday this year! We have to somehow survive hanging out with them at oktoberfest (great beer and food we can’t have) before we are going to make an incredible dinner together and head off to the theater. I’m very excited. I think Stephen is apprehensive. He loves beer so much. I’ll just have to be super supportive. I feel like tiger blood might be coming early this time…


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