I probably should have done a before and after part of my post today. It would have been much more telling. As it is, all I have in me right now is the utter calm and bliss I feel after yoga this afternoon. I know this is going to seem like an exaggeration. But I’m really not exaggerating.

My day was rotten. Just plain rotten. Everything about it was rough. I came home this afternoon feeling stressed, angry, exhausted, and ready for a beer. Instead, I went to my first yoga class in 15 years. I wasn’t sure what to expect; part of me was worried that I was putting too much pressure on this idea of yoga. I had in my head that it was going to solve all my problems. My stress would just magically lift away, my body would start to heal itself, and I would become a happy, centered person.

Truthfully what I got was not that far off from my dreams. I went into the class feeling tense, still pissed off from school, grumpy, and tired. Throughout the class I could truly feel my cares lifting away. I focused on my body: what it was doing, what it was capable of, and I listen to my muscles and my joints…I just let go. By the end of class I couldn’t even remember why my day was so bad. My body felt good, but my mind felt better. I went home with a renewed energy, ready to make dinner and have a nice relaxing evening. I was no longer frustrated. I was no longer angry. I just felt better.

So obviously this is what it was hoping for. But I don’t think I actually expected to get it. I may be the most astonished person in this equation. However, I’m certainly not complaining. I’m excited and looking forward to the next time I can go to yoga. They offered it four times a week at the rec; I’m really going to try and make it as often as I possibly can. I think it’s going to be a great way to tone and strengthen my body as well as deal with the stress that is this school year.

Nothing else really to report today. Food was pretty standard, but it was delicious. My cravings are less everyday. I’m getting so good at walking away from food that I shouldn’t eat without a second thought. I don’t even feel bitter anymore. Cooking has really become second nature to me again. I’m not having nearly as much trouble talking myself into it. Really I feel like I’m settling into Whole30 with a sense of contentment I don’t remember having the first time. I’m really very happy. I certainly hope this feeling continues.


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