Day 7:

Today I am PUMPED UP! 

I got up early, ate some delicious breakfast hash leftovers, created menu for the week, went grocery shopping, got my laundry going, prepared chicken salad for the week, made ground beef and spaghetti sauce to eat with the left over spaghetti squash for dinner tonight, got the kitchen cleaned, AND made it to Shawn’s by kick off for our first football Sunday gathering of the season. Phew! I’m super energized! 

The really awesome thing is how supportive our friends are of our healthy eating. Shawn made grilled chicken thighs and drumsticks without bbq sauce so we can eat them! We brought a delicious veggie tray with guacamole as well. I’m staying out of the beer by drinking my favorite grapefruit Lacroix. The bears aren’t even sucking it up too badly yet! What a great day! 

Looking forward to less cravings this week, more energy, better sleep, and more weight loss (looser fitting clothes)! Let’s do this! 

Go bears! 


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