Day 6:

Holy tiredness batman. Morning went well, got up pretty early for a Saturday and started cooking. My deconstructed breakfast hash was a huge success! Everyone got what they wanted, and nothing they didn’t. Plus it was crazy delicious.

My tower of yumminess! 

We wanted to do something outdoors today, so we headed to a local apple orchard. Sadly they didn’t have any apples to pick on the trees, but we bought some pre-picked apples (that are incredible sweet and delicious). Then we headed over to the kite festival. It was very soggy because of all the rain, but still quite sunny and enjoyable. 

Something my mom has really mastered is the art of traveling everywhere she goes with a healthy meal. Going to a party for my nephew? Brings a salad. Going to be in the car all day? Brings a salad. Going to be running around all afternoon? Brings a salad. We used an assembly line to ensure we all had a tasty salad for lunch today and I made some homemade balsamic vinegarette. It was perfect! 👌 

Dinner was also a masterpiece. We made dairy free mashed potatoes, my favorite broccoli recipe, and spaghetti squash with mushrooms, peppers, and onions. The star of the meal, however, was Stephen’s grilled whole chicken. Holy cow! 

A masterpiece! 

Aside from needing a lengthy nap this afternoon and some lingering crankiness, today has been great. I’m starting to eat less food in a sitting and feel just as full. Still craving pretty hard, but I’m hanging in there. I had a mild headache this morning, but it subsided with water. All in all, a great start to whole 30. We’ll just have to see how we do with the smell of carnival food at the balloon rally tonight… 


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