Day 5:

Well today was so busy it was hard to tell how I was feeling physically. I was very tired when I woke up, but I went to bed a little late. I didn’t have a headache, but my stomach was bothering me. That really irks me because I feel like that just shouldn’t happen when I’m eating so well. 

I wasn’t out of control hungry today. Though I should specify, I was still hungry throughout the day, I just handled it well. The hunger didn’t set in until my day slowed down around 3pm, but it lingered all afternoon and evening. The thing I loved about whole 30 the first time we did it was that eventually I could be hungry without being HANGRY. I felt the beginning of that today. I said “yeah I’m hungry” several times without having a snack. I’m just really getting a handle on what my mind is attempting to do in order to control my body and my food choices. I’m taking back the reigns and making really awesome choices. 

The other thing that happened today is I snuck a peek at the scale. Technically that’s a no-no on whole 30. The reasoning behind it is that you’re not supposed to focus on the number on the scale, but rather how your body is feeling and functioning. I view it more as encouragement to keep going so I sneak it every once in awhile, but not so often I get obsessed. Anyway, this morning I was down exactly 5 pounds!! In 4 days. Gotta love the early days of any drastic diet change. It felt great though. 

The only notable food on the menu today was dinner. We had grilled chicken thighs and steak. I also made warm Brussels sprout salad with Asian citrus dressing and mom made fresh green beans sautéed in ghee. Oh it was an incredible dinner. 

Here is the recipe. Mmmm
Mom and dad are in town this weekend, so we should have some adventurous meals in store. Nearly a week down! 


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