DAY 4:

Well, I’m hungry.

I mean really, really hungry.

I woke up hungry. I was hungry after breakfast. I was hungry after my snack (2 hours after breakfast). I was hungry after lunch. I’m still hungry.

I keep drinking water hoping that it will eventually relieve some of the discomfort, but the fact remains my stomach is PISSED at me.

Otherwise, I feel OK today. I have a little bit of a headache, but I have energy. I’m not cranky, though I’m not in an over-the-top happy mood either. I’m just sort of “meh” today.

Today the food menu is a little on the blah side as well. I had meetings ALL day today, so my brain feels like it’s melting and my parents come to town tomorrow so I have to get some cleaning done. That, coupled with Stephen being gone to work on his jeep, means: leftovers. It’s something that is just a fact of life when you’re a busy person, so I try to just get used to it.

I’m sure we’ll cook something spectacular while my parents are here. The great thing is they are also super healthy eaters, so they don’t really mind when we’re on Whole 30. It’s pretty similar to how they live their lives anyway. The only real difference is there will be dairy in the fridge for them I’m sure.

Some days I really wish I could eat eggs. It would just make life so much easier. Darn my allergies. Breakfast is the hardest meal for me when we have company. Because basically I have to cook two meals. One for all the normal people, that includes eggs. Another for me, that doesn’t include eggs. I think this weekend I might make a deconstructed hash (because my parents don’t eat potatoes). I’ll have a bowl of potatoes, a bowl of onions and sweet peppers, a bowl of sausage, and a bowl of eggs. I might even do some bacon because Dad doesn’t do well with spicy stuff like sausage. That sounds delicious. I should stop talking about food, BECAUSE I’M HUNGRY!!!

So, this might be why they refer to days 4 and 5 as “kill all the things” days…

On that note…I’m going to find a healthy snack. I’m pretty sure I saw some fruit in my fridge…


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