DAY 2:

I woke up feeling pretty rested today. It was still hard to get out of bed at 5:30, but I knew my body felt good. My stomach ache yesterday kept me confined to the couch for most of the day. Although, I did make dinner. It turned out to be quite tasty, though not as visually pleasing as the picture in the recipe. Surprise, surprise!

Today is what they refer to as a “hangover” day with Whole 30. I wasn’t feeling that so much this morning, but right now a headache is starting to set in, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the hangover symptoms sneak up on me over the course of the day. Hunger level has been fine so far today, in fact I didn’t want to eat my breakfast when I got to school. However, it seemed to settle my tummy ache that was lingering from yesterday, so that was a perk. Our lunch is insanely early this year (10:45) so I’m sure I’ll be fine between breakfast and lunch, but the afternoon might be a little challenging. I made some homemade whole 30 approved trail mix this morning to curb any munchies I might get.

It has cashews, pepitos, rasins, dried plums, and dried apple slices. It’s quite delicious!

Here’s the menu for today:

Breakfast – same as yesterday (hey, it’s quick, easy, AND delicious!) Chicken and apple sausage, and seasoned sugar snap pea pods.

Lunch – leftovers from last night’s dinner: spaghetti squash with sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes, basil, and pan fried chicken. Yum!

Dinner – another new recipe from Wholesomelicious: Creamy Lemon Chicken with Asparagus and Mushrooms

It should look a little something like this…

Creamy Lemon Chicken with Asparagus2

The creamy aspect comes from coconut milk so it should be luscious and amazing. I can’t wait!

I’m not quite as prepared for this week as I’d like simply because I was out of commission yesterday. But I’ll go grocery shopping after work and stock up on all the good stuff. I’ll probably try to make some chicken salad to have on hand for when I get hungry or cravings start in. I try to stay proactive, especially for Stephen. He gets frustrated if he feels like he doesn’t have enough food options available. I understand, it’s hard to stay strong when you’re surrounded by food you can’t have, being hungry only makes it worse. Much better to bring too much food and not eat it, then to give in to bad food because you have no other choice and you are desperate.

Alright day 2, bring it!



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